Our Impact


Responsible—Build trust with customers, regulators and partners by exceeding expectations in areas such as data protection, age verification, and safety

We strive to be the most responsible retailer in our industry. We have people, processes and technology in place to ensure we maintain the trust of our customers and communities.

Engaged—Empower our people through an inclusive and diverse culture, competitive total rewards programs, and fulfilling career opportunities

We are dedicated to, and understand the value of, our employees. We know that Murphy USA employees are our greatest asset and, frankly, our competitive edge.

Committed—Invest our resources to strengthen the communities we serve and their environment

We embrace our Principle of Citizenship and fully realize the impact that we can have in the communities where we operate, which is why Murphy USA, and the Murphy USA Charitable Foundation are dedicated to improving the quality of life where we live and work by supporting the causes that make these areas thrive.

We have invested in our hometown of El Dorado, Arkansas and in the other communities our 1,500 stores serve. Our communities trust that we will invest our resources to make a difference.

Keep age-restricted products out of the hands of minors

  • In 2020, we passed 94% of our age-restricted state and federal inspections. We also have a zero-tolerance policy for failed inspections and hold our employees accountable for their performance.
  • We go the extra mile by voluntarily and proactively conducting thousands of age validation audits each year to ensure we keep age-restricted products out of the hands of minors. We also have a more stringent "We ID" policy which requires our employees to validate age from our customers who appear age 40 and under, which is over and above the federal guideline of 27 and under.
  • Employees are required to complete age-restricted product training prior to serving our customers. In fact, employees are locked out of our Point of Sale system until training has been completed.

Protect our customers’ data

  • Between 2019-2020, we spent $60 million to complete the rollout of our EMV dispenser program ahead of the industry target deadline. EMV technology is the safest, most secure technology available to protect our customers’ data.
  • We ensure all employees complete data security training and this training is repeated annually.
  • We have standards requiring that each dispenser have an alarm to prevent tampering and these dispensers are also visually inspected daily. Additional security measures (both internal and external) are also utilized to protect the integrity of our dispensers.

Keep our employees and customers safe

  • In 2020, our Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) was 2.12, with zero fatalities. While our three-year rolling TRIR rate of 2.30 is well below the industry average TRIR of 2.99, we actively engage in initiatives to continuously improve this number.

    Following are our TRIR results for the past three years:
  • We have implemented a rapid response program to ensure safety events (e.g., slip and falls, medical emergencies, vehicle accident) are responded to quickly and efficiently.
  • We maintain a dedicated crisis response team enabling a timely and compassionate response to natural disasters and other crises.

Maintain high ethical standards throughout our organization

  • How we do things is as important as what we do. An important element in our future success is a workplace culture where all employees—from cashier to CEO—share the same values and demonstrate them in everyday, on-the-job behaviors.
  • We have developed a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics which is the cornerstone of our ethics and compliance program. The Code promotes an ethical business culture within all segments of our Company.
  • We are committed to training our employees on their obligations under the Code, providing reporting channels for employees to report violations of our standards, and thoroughly investigating reported violations.

Click here for additional information on our Ethics and Compliance Program.

We work to ensure employees feel a sense of belonging and we hire from the communities we serve

  • At Murphy USA our employees have a strong sense of belonging as illustrated by our 2021 bi-annual engagement survey, where 84% of our employees felt accepted by their immediate co-workers and 79% were proud to work at Murphy USA.
  • We are committed to living our Principles, including Respect specifically as it relates to Inclusion and Diversity. We are intentional about increasing visible and invisible diversity throughout Murphy USA.
  • In 2020, our employees reflected the diversity of our communities. Our Company statistics as of October 2020 indicate the following:
  • Please click here to view our 2019 EEO1
  • Please click here to view our 2020 EEO1
  • Please click here to view our 2021 EEO1
  • We have an education and awareness program for Our Principles of Respect, Integrity, Citizenship and Spirit.

We are committed to employee engagement

  • In 2021, our employees indicated their high level of engagement with 71% completing the bi-annual engagement survey and 70% indicating they were engaged or highly engaged.
  • We regularly conduct Town Halls and other employee forums to promote transparency and encourage dialogue between employees and company leaders.
  • Our cross-functional Engagement Ambassador team represents employees from different levels, departments, and tenure groups. They support the company and their Executive Leadership Team member’s engagement efforts and encourage feedback from employees. Our Engagement Ambassadors also help ensure we follow through on our commitments. They truly are the “boots on the ground” when it comes to increasing engagement at Murphy USA.

We take care of our people

  • We are committed to taking care of our people when they need it the most.
    • In 2020, we supported our employees in times of need by disbursing $161,062 through our Employee Disaster Relief Fund. Our employees donated $133,572 in 2020. With the company match, we deposited $267,114 into this fund.
    • In 2020, we established an Emergency Sick Pay program for store-level employees who were negatively impacted by COVID-19. Through 2021, we have paid a total of $1,426,134 to 2,689 employees since the program began.
    • We have a financial tool, PayActiv, that allows early access to earned wages. In 2020, we had 132,556 PayActiv transactions, allowing employees collective early access to over $6,752,114 of their compensation. In 2021 (year to date through September), we had 292,077 PayActiv transactions, allowing employees collective early access to over $14,368,618 of their compensation.
  • We are dedicated to helping our people succeed professionally through learning and development.
    • Our field teams have comprehensive functional training programs at each level. Click here to learn more.
    • We have individual development plans (IDPs) and an eLearning platform for employee-driven development.
    • We provide leadership development opportunities for leaders and potential leaders. Click here to learn more.
    • We provide tuition reimbursement for Home Office employees and Store Managers. In 2020, we reimbursed 28 employees approximately $100,000.
    • We sponsor employees seeking to earn their GED.
  • We employ leading talent management strategies, including annual succession planning, bi-annual people reviews, promotion review committees, mid-year and annual performance reviews, and cohort performance review calibration.
  • We place a great emphasis on listening to, seeking to understand, valuing, and elevating our employees. We have developed a robust policy framework that sets forth the expectations for how employees should be treated by management, what benefits are available to them, and how they can report any concerns to management. Our policies are accessible to all employees on demand and detail the Company’s expectations regarding:
    • Employee interactions and standards of conduct
    • Equal employment opportunity
    • Prohibitions on harassment and retaliation
    • Compliance with state and federal employment laws
    • Pay practices
    • Paid and unpaid leave practices and other employee benefits

We actively support team member wellbeing

  • We support physical wellbeing by offering a broad range of affordable health benefits to our full and part-time team members and vacation benefits to all positions.
  • We support emotional wellbeing by offering a life assistance program where employees can utilize free counseling sessions for themselves and members of their household.
  • We support financial wellbeing by extending profit sharing to all team members and savings / 401K plans for our Store Managers and Corporate employees. In addition to base wages, we offer a commissions program for our Store and District Management and annual bonus opportunities for our Corporate employees.
  • Click here to visit our Career Website and learn more about team member benefits.

Additional Industry Metrics

  • Total amount of annual monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with allegations of 1) labor law violations and; 2) employment discrimination.

We strengthen our communities while empowering our employees to get involved and help others

  • We have an employee gift matching program whereby the Company matches 1:1 to all charitable nonprofits and 2:1 to educational nonprofits and hospitals. We also match 2:1 to charitable nonprofits where our employees serve on an organization’s board, further encouraging board level service.
  • In 2020, over $740,000 was donated to eligible organizations across the country through employee donations and the company gift matching program.
  • We are committed to supporting organizations and causes that help make our communities thrive. In 2020, we contributed an additional $465,000 in direct support of various philanthropic efforts, with a focus on our hometown of El Dorado, Arkansas.
For Murphy USA’s 2020 Economic Impact Report:

We are the anchor supporter of our local United Way Program, which supports 13 separate charitable organizations

  • In 2020, 78% of our Home Office employees contributed to United Way of Union County, with 63% giving “their fair share,” which is gauged on a sliding scale of up to 1% of an employee’s annual salary.
  • Together, we raised $756,854 for United Way of Union County. This is 64% of their campaign total.
  • We encourage employees to volunteer at local non-profit organizations. In 2020, 45 of our dedicated and engaged employees served on non-profit boards.
To learn more about the incredible impact United Way makes in Union County

We have formed a national partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America

  • In 2020, we instituted the annual “Great Futures Fueled Here” campaign, which features an in-store “round-up” program allowing customers to join us in support of this impactful organization. In six months, employees and customers joined together and raised $1.5 million the Boys and Girls Club of America through over 3 million separate donations in our stores across the country. All money raised goes to support the local Boys and Girls Clubs across the communities where we live and work.
  • We elected to continue the “round-up” program through the remainder of the year at our Murphy One store located in the lobby of our Home Office, which resulted in raising an additional $4,500 for our local Boys and Girls Club.
  • We encourage all employees to volunteer at local Boys and Girls Clubs, and in 2021 have the goal of providing individual and group volunteer hour opportunities through partnerships with the communities we serve across the country.
To learn more about the impact the Boys and Girls Club of America is making on our youth: