Our Impact


Align with our Investors

Align with our Investors

We have a responsibility to every person that invests in Murphy USA, and we take this responsibility seriously.

We proactively engage with our investors, and we have an active Board that provides strong direction and governance.

Leadership interests are aligned with investors through share ownership.

Ownership totals as of March 5, 2021.

  • Our leadership owns a total of over 2.1 million shares*, which represents 7.8% of total outstanding MUSA shares.
  • All Board members and Company executives are required to own company shares in an amount determined by their position and compensation level.
  • Engaged, motivated and aligned leadership have driven the consistent year-over-year increase in our company share price. Our stock is up 244% (from $38 to $130.87) since our spin-off in 2013 to our 2020 year-end share price.

We proactively engage with our investors

  • We endeavor to make ourselves available to all actively managed funds and other long-term investors through investor conferences, incoming inquiries and outreach activities.
  • We consistently engage investors and analysts through personal interactions including in-person meetings, virtual meetings and phone calls. In 2020, we averaged 15-20 investor touchpoints per month.
  • Our goal is to remain open and transparent with investors, calling back and engaging 100% of those who reach out.

We ensure the company’s executive compensation is aligned with our peer group and with shareholders’ expectations

  • Our 2021 annual “Say on Pay” vote indicated that 98% of our shareholders that voted on the matter believed our executive compensation was appropriate. This number had been very consistent since our spin off in 2013 with an average vote since then of 98%.
  • In 2021, our Proxy peer group of eighteen different public companies averaged 87% of their shareholders who believed their executive compensation level was appropriate.
  • We engage Mercer and their executive compensation team who has opined that our executive compensation aligned with our Company performance over the past three years, including in 2021.