Our Impact


Provide affordable, cleaner energy with transparent pricing

Provide affordable, cleaner energy with transparent pricing

We build trust with our customers by being a low-cost operator who provides our customers with considerable fuel savings, without sacrificing our commitment to cleaner energy.

We provide responsibly-priced fuel to our customers

  • In 2020, we saved our customers over $160 million* on their fuel purchases.
  • We maintain transparent pricing, and we display our fuel prices through multiple physical and digital channels.
  • We are committed to complying with all state and federal pricing guidelines.

*based on RUL and Diesel price / gal differential between Murphy USA and our competitors in each market we serve.

We provide renewable fuel products our customers value

  • In 2020, we sold 11.1 million gallons of E15 and E85 products, which represents 140,000 average gallons per location. In addition, our E15 and E85 products were accessible and available in over 70 locations. Our goal is to see year-over-year increases in the sale of ethanol.
  • We are supportive of Renewable Fuel Standards. In 2020, we received 213.2 million Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) through our ethanol blending activities.
  • We have an advantaged fuel supply chain that allows us to provide affordable fuel and improve availability in times of need.

We protect our environment

  • In 2020, we had over 550,000 fuel deliveries and 352,200,000 fuel transactions, and we had 26 reportable fuel spills (i.e. spills that occurred during the fuel delivery or transactional process and are reportable under state law). Of these 26 fuel spills, 23 of them amounted to impacts of between zero and 50 gallons. The vast majority of these minor spills have been determined to have no further assessment or action required. The other spills are being actively remediated in accordance with state standards.
  • In 2020, of the 3,000 double walled tanks owned and operated by Murphy USA, we had two tanks that had secondary containment failures, neither of which resulted in the release of fuel into the environment. Of the 4,654 fuel lines tested in 2020 99.44% passed. There were three product releases in 2020 that are in the delineation stage of discovery to determine any impact to the environment.
  • We are committed to complying with all state and federal guidelines regarding compliance training, including A/B Operator and Class C Operator training. As of 12/31/2020, we had approximately 9,435 certified Class C operators. Our Class C operators are trained annually.

Additional Industry Metrics

  • Total 2020 monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with price fixing or price manipulation: $0
  • Total gallons of ethanol-blended fuel sold in billions.
  • 3.42